Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunny Side

I'm back to work - back in the studio with another pretty full day. I still managed to make some breakfast and go to the gym for 30 min this morning. I did the hill program for 25 minutes - starting at 4.0 and ending at 4.6 then ran for the last 5 increasing from 5.5-6.2. And a nice 5 min cool down. I came in at about 2.5 miles.

It did the trick.

I walked to work (that's another 2 miles or so). Breakfast today was 1/2 an onion bagel - toasted w/butter + a hardboiled egg.

I ate it quick as it was a pretty...shall we say...fragrant breakfast.

Lunch is up in the air. I have a PB sandwich packed in case I miss the work lunch scheduled today altogether due to this webcast running long. Otherwise I'll most likely be having a slice of pizza.

Dinner is also not certain. I am meeting work friends for a drink tonight. I say drink (singular) due to the fact that my wallet really won't allow more than that. But we'll see what happens.

One day I'll have a disposable income. One day....

If I keep saying that do you think it'll come true?

See you later!

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