Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

My next post is all about what I'm thankful for - but a little break from all things computer related is surely one of them. Since I started working on more virtual and less face to face type meetings - staring at a computer screen has literally become my job.

So what I'm saying is the last thing I've wanted to do the last few days is come here and post.


I also had the most amazing dinner on Wednesday night and wanted to tell you about it. Catch 22.

When we last 'spoke' I'd made some eggs for breakfast. I went to the gym and ran 2-ish miles and then rushed to the office to grab the library book I'd stashed in my desk and forgotten. I needed something to read on the train and it was due back on 12/1 so...

(btw - the book was Open by Andre Agassi. As you know - I like tennis - and while my sister was a Sampras fan I always had a soft spot for Andre. It was a very interesting read)

Anyway...I rushed there - then to the train station and 40 odd minutes later was out near my mom's office. I logged on to work some more and ate this salad that they so kindly ordered for me.

It was a grilled chicken salad with mozzarella cheese. I ate about half of it. I've really become a fan of darker greens I've realized. Romaine and iceberg do not cut it for me anymore.

After my mom's office closed my mom, sister and I went for manicures and pedicures. Then we headed home for our 7:30 reservations to The Brass Rail.

I have to tell you. It was one of the very best dinners I've had in a long time.

I'd only been there for brunch once before but dinner was a whole different story. One of the great things is that they feature small plates - which is just enough food for me these days.

I found a new favorite Pinot Grigio.

To start I had the Lobster Bisque:

And a taste of Short Rib Quesadillas:

My entree was small plate Goat Cheese Ravioli w/walnuts and apples. These were big fluffy pillows filled with goat cheese. Heavenly.

And here's what everyone else had - since we all were raving.

My dad had the Pork Chop

My mom had the small plate Lamb Chops

A side of shoestring fries

Jen had the Cappellini with Lobster and Shrimp and Mussels.

Everything was SO. GOOD.

And then there was dessert.

Peppermint Tea

Chocolate Creme Brulee


We were talking over dinner about the best meals we've ever had. New Orleans wins for most of us. Mr B's Bistro is a big favorite if you are ever in New Orleans. Also The Grill Room at the Windsor Court. Gramercy Tavern might be the best meal I've had in recent memory though.

Good food was a theme the last few days. Coming up next...Thanksgiving.

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