Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Update

I know I left off at Thanksgiving but I'm not sure where to pick back up. Friday I went and got my hair done (I'm brunette again in case you are keeping track) and had did a (very) little shopping. No exercise other than walking around the shopping center.

First I ate this:

We were at the Americana in Manhasset. Prada doesn't exactly have doorbusters so it wasn't a madhouse. Of course we were at Banana Republic and The Gap so there were lines there.

Anyway - we stopped at Cippolini for lunch.

I had a shrimp salad dish - and I didn't quite understand the waiter when he mentioned there would be a ton of olives included. Blech. I picked them all out but the briney flavor was still there. I would only order again without the olives please, thanks. It had string beans, tomatoes, onions and fresh mozzarella in a baslamic vinaigrette.

I also had 2 pieces of bread and some tastes of my mom's risotto.

That night our old neighbors stopped by and they invited us to dinner. It was just supposed to be them and our parents but in the end my sister and I tagged along. We went to the Basil Leaf Cafe.

I am OBSESSED with goat cheese lately. I had the tomato and goat cheese soup to start.

and two slices of this pizza - shared with Jen.

And more Chocolate Chip Pie for dessert (unpictured).

Breakfast yesterday was an English.

Lunch was Thanksgiving leftovers - turkey on a sandwich roll with some Jarlsberg and a little mustard.

I "ralked" 2.5 miles. I guess you could call it running intervals as alternated walking and running. Dinner was take out when I went to help my mom babysit some munchkins. I had half an order of baked ravioli and 2 garlic knots.

and some Edy's Slow Churned Peanut Butter Cup for dessert.

Breakfast was at the diner this morning. I had an 'Egg McMuffin' and some hash browns on the side.

Also - I think someone stole my camera...

Lunch is unpictured. It was a sandwich thin with 2 slices of yellow American Cheese. I did the same walk/run as Saturday. I have rehearsal late on Monday and a performance on Tuesday so I don't know when I'll exercise again before Wednesday - which is weigh in day.


I also had a handful of Junior Mints and multiple handfuls of movie popcorn. We went to see The Blind Side this afternoon. Great feel good movie. I really liked it a lot.

I am now a Baltimore Ravens fan I think. ;) And other than Friday Night Lights I really have no interest in football.

Dinner was a baked chicken breast, Thanksgiving leftovers (sweet potatoes, asparagus and string beans) a spoonful of rice and some salad.

And whew. I think that's finally it. Hope you all had a lovely and restful holiday weekend. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled blogging soon.

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