Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Dinner

After Zumba and cleaning my apartment and a lunch of leftover quinoa and black beans I took the train out to LI just in time for dinner.

We went to a local place Buckram Stables Cafe.

I keep forgetting to use the macro function on my point and shoot - so these pictures are not the best.

We shared coconut shrimp to start...

And I had a cup of asparagus soup.

Warm sourdough bread and butter - I had 2 pieces.

And wine.

Buckram's makes the world's best turkey burgers. I don't really even order them out anywhere else anymore. Covered in sauteed onion and mozzarella, fresh ground turkey marinated in soy sauce on an English muffin. So. good. It actually comes w/mushrooms too but I asked for it without.

I ate a little bit more than half and 1/3 of the fries.

I also had all the steamed broccoli and a few of the carrots and zucchini from my mom's dinner.

Once at home I had a taste of Breyer's Triple Chocolate.

I love this ice cream but I can't bring it into my house. Once it's here I get kind of obsessed and will eat it till it's gone.

Today is family day. The kids are coming and I understand there is meatloaf for dinner. I might go for a run in a bit. It looks like a beautiful day out there if a little breezy.

I woke up this morning and ate a half a sandwich. Turkey and cheese on whole wheat.

And now I'm all up to date. Baking will happen sometime today - I have to bring something to chorus rehearsal tomorrow.

See you later! Have a lovely Sunday!

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