Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The return of the skirt...

The last time I was this successful at losing weight I was in my early 20s. I did WW and lost about 25-30 lbs. I was about a size 4 for a minute or two and then settled at about an 8-10 - which is where I'm at right about now give or take.

Anyway the point is I wore skirts all the time back then. I had a second job as a hostess at a local restaurant and would wear these sometimes cute and almost always cheap clothes to work every Fri and Sat night. Think Joyce Leslie or Mandee or similar.

Hey I was a recent college grad...and there was no such thing as H&M back then!!

And then I got fat.

I got so fat I stopped wearing jeans altogether - since jeans meant a button that would threaten to pop off and hit someone across the room in the eye and then there'd be a lawsuit...

My mom's a lawyer. I know what a litigious society we've become.

I wore pants all the time. Skirts and dresses made me feel like I was wearing a tent. I wore pants - black for the most part with either a side zip or some sort of stretch or elastic involved.

I'm very happy to report that today I'm wearing a skirt again. Black wool, above the knee, size ten with a belt because the waist is a little loose. :)

Let me tell you. It feels good to be back.

I slept well - and late - woke up at about 7:15. No gym today either. I was thinking of going for 20 min but I traded it for a longer workout tomorrow. I wound up walking close to 6 miles overall yesterday and already have 1 mile down this morning. I'm going to walk uptown to meet my mom, sister, aunt and various cousins tonight for a cashmere trunk show and dinner tonight.

More on that later.

First - my breakfast. A hardboiled egg and a whole wheat English w/Laughing Cow Light Swiss.

And now...I'm off - to enter polling questions for my webcast later.

Good times.


  1. Nice work! Skirts are the best and I am happy that you are wearing one.

  2. Hee! Thanks jocie! One of the best things about losing weight is not stressing so much about what to wear in the morning. It's nice!