Monday, November 16, 2009

My last post....

...made virtually no sense.

This one might make less so.

I go home for rehearsal just about 15 min ago.

I did stop home at about 5:30-6 to drop off my stuff so before I left I had leftover pasta. I'm pasta and meat sauced OUT. Time for something new tomorrow.

with some fresh mozzarella and ricotta

I saved my turkey and swiss wrap for lunch tomorrow.

Plus some TJ's 72% Dark Chocolate for dessert.

I am craving salads and vegetables. I haven't gotten nearly enough lately. I'm going to try and get up and go to the gym tomorrow but it may not happen. I think I'll be working from home on Wednesday so I'll get a good workout in then and then will go to Zumba on Thursday.

And now...sleep.