Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Next time I even waver for a second between a cardio class and these two cuties remind me of today please.

I did not make it to the gym today. The most exercise I got was running after these two. I straighted up, packed a small bag and caught the train. We went to brunch at the City Limits Diner in Stamford.

I was craving a grilled cheese so I had one. Cheddar on whole wheat. Someone stole a good number of my fries.

We read a great book while we waited for our order.

And I had a double chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

After a meltdown over a cupcake (Aunt Krissy's fault), a bike ride and an extended game of Hide and Seek it seems like we picked up a four and a half year old stowaway on the trip home.

We stopped at Starbucks before we got on 95. Chocolate milk was the choice for some, Tall skim, no whip, hot chocolate for others.

Here's the real exciting thing. Apparently you can get unlimited Caillou on demand on Netflix!!

Mads wanted me to take a picture of her dinner - so here you go. Chicken Nuggets and Fries.

Apparently my dad and I had a mind meld and he made meat sauce last night too. So that was my dinner.

During the Caillou marathon I realized my sister had this book lying around.

Attn: Food Bloggers:

Apparently no one cares what we eat.

This is news to me.

(The book actually has some good tips. I just started to laugh when I saw the title)

Tomorrow we give our houseguest back to her parents and sister and take a trip to Essex. My goal is to wake up at 8 and go for a 3-ish mile run.

Wish me luck.

Until then!


  1. hahahaha - WE DO CARE!!!!! Looks like a great day!

  2. Apparently, I'm "no one," because I really enjoy hearing about what you had for lunch.

    Perhaps it's because there's a point to your writing about your lunch, and your exercise. It's not that you ran out of things to say so you're telling us things that don't matter. This is the whole point of the blog!

    It seems to be working for you. :)

    By the way, when in doubt, always go with the choice that involves cute kids. Same with family and friends. That's life. Working out has to be fit into it. ;)

  3. jocie - it was. I was very glad I went.

    Kev - definitely agreed. And thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it. :)