Monday, November 23, 2009

Why you Rushin'?

Crazy morning. Crazy afternoon. I predict me crashing at about 5 PM on Wednesday if how quickly I fell asleep last night is any indication.

A quick rundown of what's gone on today.

Breakfast. PB on a sandwich thin.

I had 2 of these. There are barely enough left to even bother taking to rehearsal tonight.

Make that 3. I just ate another one. The brownies alone will have to do.

Lunch. Meatloaf on a sandwich thin. And it seems SunChips has created a new flavor to torture me.

One bright spot that's making me smile. This gorgeous piece of artwork created for me by Maddie.

Hotel site inspection, followed by going home for final "overnight guest" detail - change into comfy clothes and head to rehearsal.

Till 10:30 PM at least.

SIGH. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.


  1. Wow - that just made ME exhaused. Good luck!

  2. Peppercorn Ranch Sun Chips are deliciously evil. Hope all went well with your houseguest!

  3. Thanks jocie! I'm taking tonight off. I just need to.

    Hee Kay! She was quiet as a mouse - the perfect houseguest. Hope all future houseguests are as easy to have around. ;)