Tuesday, July 28, 2009

After the Final Rose

The Bachelorette is responsible for me not going to the gym this morning.

Well that and sour milk in my Cheerios causing me to fix a different breakfast.

I DVR'd it because I fell asleep watching last night. And I know the show is super cheesy and super fake but it's fascinating and entertaining TV. My sister helped get a friend on the show a few seasons back so I have all sorts of details about how fake it all is but I don't care. I still have to watch.

But this is why I love NYC. As I walked to work this morning there was a guy on the corner of 41st and 6th handing out roses. I usually ignore all people handing out flyers (sorry but there's very little chance I'm going to actually end up going to wherever they are advertising) but I make an exception for flowers.

(Note to Scotts Flowers on E37th St. Very nicely done! I'm keeping the card)

And then when I crossed the street a homeless guy threw garbage at me.

Oh NYC. Please don't ever change.

After my failed Cheerios I made a hard boiled egg.

I forget how much I like hard boiled eggs.

Oh! Before I forget - just a note about the pics in this blog. Those I take at home are with my Canon EOS Rebel XS 18-55IS using the kit lens. I want to get some other lenses (specifically a macro lens for starters) but I am VERY new to photography and want to take a little course first. Those I take at work are via my Blackberry which is a Storm and has 3.2 MP. This might explain the difference in quality. :)

Be back at lunch!!

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