Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Nights

I love Zumba. Honestly - it's almost not like working out. If not for the sweat pouring off of me and the trying to catch my breath I'd almost swear it wasn't.

My instructor Ben is out of control, really high energy and so much fun. Tonight we did our cool down to a Grease medley. He separates us into Sandys and Dannys and makes us act out parts at the end.


Anyway - I cannot say enough about it as a form of exercise. I hear that Ben's style is much more fitness based - so I think you'd most often want to take a class at a gym as opposed to a dance studio. But who knows. My class is at a dance studio and it is definitely a cardio workout - no question about it.

Before class I ate a little something...

BBQ chicken tender w/roasted garlic hummus on 1/2 a light English muffin

Dinner was leftover Spicy Shrimp and Veggie Pasta...on a plate:

I've tried to pack but I still think I can pare down a little. I'm heading out to the east end of LI tomorrow for a mini-vacation with the family. My mom reminded me that there is a washer & dryer at the house we're staying at. I'll be going to the gym for a run, showering quick and heading out on the train to pick up the car (and my puppy) at my parents. Aaaand then drive 2 more hours.

Long Island got it's name for a reason.

This vacation will be so much different than my last one. Just rest and relaxation and hours of entertainment in the form of my nieces.

Can't wait.

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