Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Sometimes it's good to mix it up a bit.

I had this routine. I'd wake up on those Wednesdays when I'd weigh in, eat the same exact breakfast (Cheerios, skim milk, a cup of grape juice), work out, shower, do some work - run out to see M and then eat a very satifying lunch as a reward for things going well.

Today I didn't do that.

Today I woke up at 6:30. I fed the dog, ate a light English Muffin with a slice of American cheese. I rode the 7:51 train into NYC. I walked home from Penn Station and then logged on to my computer to work.

And got sucked in and was busy from that moment on.

I never made it to the gym and I was stressed. But - at weigh in?

I lost a pound.

After two weeks of vacation.


I know this didn't happen by accident. There are reasons for the fact that I still showed a loss after the two weeks I've had - where there was wine, and shrimp risotto, and burgers and fries. I still watchced my portions. I ran for 2 miles outdoors (A FIRST), I walked at least 3 miles and as much as 6 miles some days. I did something active every single day I was on vacation. That's huge. And what's better - for the few days I was back at work last week my regular routine picked right up.

In honor of my loss I took the day off. I never made it to the gym at all today.

Because my little routine was not a good thing I don't think. I'd become very superstitious. I'd followed the same plan for so long I was almost panicking this morning because I didn't follow along exactly as I had for months now.

And the world did not end. Imagine that. :)

Let me backtrack a little. Yesterday afternoon I drove back to my parents, vegged on the couch with my dog for a while and waited for my sister to get home.

Then I did level 1 of The Shred -

Dear Jillian -

I suck at strength training. You made my arms hurt.

Love, Krissy


PS: I have a lot of thoughts on her book which I read over the last few days. I'll post more on that subject later.

Dinner was defrosted Chicken With the Sauce prepared by the bestest sister in the whole world:

Chicken in a tomato sauce with peas over penne

And then we went to a concert.

I went to see Dave Matthews Band at Jones Beach last night. I forget how great Jones Beach is to see a concert. There was a little rain but the weather was otherwise good. Too much new stuff not enough old for me but those boys can really play.

I have to say - having a sister who is a decade younger than you means that you can a) learn about cool (newer) music and b) pretend that you are young enough to have followed DMB like people in the 80's followed U2 (<------- this would be me.) :)

One minor complaint (but it actually saved me some unnecessary calories since I refused to spend the $).

Dear Jones Beach -

$6 for a hot pretzel and $7 for a bottle of Diet Coke is in-freaking-sane.


And now...back to Wednesday.

Today's lunch is something I've been craving. I eat hot dogs only in the summer and so I feel like it's not the end of the world to have them now and again. I've been eating Hebrew National's 97% Fat Free franks. and a garlic pickle on the side. Yum.

The downside is that the store did not have whole wheat buns - but's so rare that I eat this I'm not going to stress.

Snack was carrots and hummus (and the last of the bag of pretzels and hummus - if I'm being honest!)

Please note I live alone. One of the perks is not having to portion out hummus and dipping right into the container. As for if I double dip?

I'll never tell. ;)

Dinner was a weird mix. I oven roasted 6 chicken tenders with just a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion. I chopped one up and added it with some broccoli and a few Trader Joe's Mini Chicken Cilantro Wontons with just a little low sodium soy sauce tossed in.

Work has the potential to be VERY stressful in the next week. By next Wednesday either I'll have good news, great news or bad news (which might be a blessing in disguise).

We shall see. Keep your fingers crossed.

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