Saturday, July 25, 2009


I don't know why or how but sometimes I get this burst of motivation to get shit done. And as long as I'm in this place I'm going to take advantage.

Last night I did not go to the gym. I got home and had a snack.

Crackers with Hummus

Then I made a quick version of Shrimp Parmigiana.

And when I say quick I mean I defrosted 6 shrimp in mug, rinsed them off then poured in some skim milk, dumped that then filled the mug with Italian Style panko breadcrumbs and tossed the shrimp in them.

Yeah. That's really how I cook most of the time. It's just me so there are times I'm simply a bit lazy about it.

I baked the shrimp for 12 min then added some Classico Tomato Basil and mozzarella cheese and then baked it for 6 min more.

Note: Not the best method. Barely any of the crumbs adhered to the shrimp - but I still got the taste.

Then I tossed it in pasta with a bit of sliced zucchini.

It was quick - but it was delicious.

Then I organized/sorted my clothes. I have yet another pile to throw out - and a shopping bag full to donate. Here's my armoire - all nice and pretty.

That ceramic cat on the top shelf is a bank I've had since I was about 4 years old I think. I am the complete OPPOSITE of a cat person but she's still around. It reminds me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice and Wonderland. Look at her - so cute with her Chanel neckwear.

I cannot belive it but already this morning I've done my laundry, ran an errand (which mostly had to do with me needed more $ for the washing machine) and am now heading out to the gym. I'm going to come back, pack a lunch and then take off walking.

Not sure where I end up.

Breakfast today - back to old faithful. Light English Muffin w/PB.

When I get back from today's adventures it's more cleaning and organizing. I wish I could rearrange my furniture a bit - but I don't think there's a better way to set this little shoebox of a room up.

We'll see.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!

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