Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There are other fish in the sea

(God I hope so...because honestly? I keep having to throw them back.)

But I'm actually talking about the literal kind of fish here. :)

Update: I weighed in and...I lost a pound. Woo Hoo! I lost a pound in like 2.5 weeks but I also ate ice cream and drank more than a little wine so go me!

It also means I'm officially at 50 lbs gone.

I ate my weigh in breakfast (Cheerios, skim milk and a glass of grape juice) and then worked out.

I did about 50 mins total (ran 30, walked 20). It felt good. I think I really might like running.

OK. That's a total lie. I don't like anything gym related to be honest. I do genuinely like Zumba. I think I'm going to like yoga - but right now in regards to running - it's a challenge to see how long or how far I can keep at it.

The benefits of that are motivation enough.

Then I ran some errands on the way home and was starving. So when I went to the grocery store I came out with this:

And it was really yummy. I'd only had the peppermint one before. And I ate it in like 5 seconds flat.

I just finished eating a flounder sandwich which was also delicious. I used a sandwich thin, heated the fish under the broiler for about 5 min and added some of the last of the baby romaine in my fridge and some red bell peppers and ketchup.

Because, in my opinion, almost everything is better with ketchup.

At M's earlier I told her that on my vacation I'm bringing breakfast with me. I have a new pack of sandwich thins in the fridge (which will again go bad) so I'm bringing them and a jar of PB with me.

My friends might make fun of me but I don't care. :)

I'll be around tonight but I leave at 9 am tomorrow. Posting will be iffy while I'm away - but I will try and check in when I have the time. If not I'll have a big post-Miami...post when I get back.

I can't wait for this vacation. The first one in a very long time where I might actually go swimming instead of sitting poolside in my coverup.


  1. Congratulations! That is so awesome. You are inspirational!!!

  2. Thank you! I'm pretty excited - but also hoping I don't decide that I'm done now you know? My goal is not a crazy low number and I'm really close now. You're very sweet and I know that I was pretty much hopeless when I started eating better. I'm amazed that I actually did it myself!

  3. If your friends make fun of you for bringing your breakfast, you may want to wave your arm to indicate your slimmer figure. You're obviously doing something right.

    - TLK

  4. Hee! You have an excellent point.