Saturday, July 18, 2009

Island Bound

I set out for my second vacation yesterday. This one is very different than my last and much more relaxing.

I started yesterday by having a light English muffin with a wedge of garlic and herb Light Laughing Cow.

Then I went to the gym. I ran for 30 minutes walked for 10. I showered, got my act together and made my way to the train.

I got to the station early and was starving for some reason. So I bought a whole wheat bagel with scallion cream cheese.

One train ride, two hours driving and a ferry ride later I was finally here.

Once I got to the house I had half of this sandwich which I packed before I left home. I saved the other half for lunch today.

BBQ chicken tenders with garlic lovers hummus, spinach, red bell pepper and cheddar cheese on a sandwich thin

Snacks were things like a handful of reduced fat potato chips, cashews, a couple of pretzels dipped in hummus, a few carrots.

Dinner was this:

Salad w/lite Italian dressing, a burger on a sandwich thin with spinach and red onion and ketchup and a dill pickle on the side.

And for dessert - ice cream brought back for me from an earlier ice cream run.

Vanilla Peanut Butter and Chocolate. I ate half this container. The other half is in the freezer.

And to celebrate my vacation, a few glasses of wine.

I need to figure out a way to be able to have money - but also live a life of leisure. I think I'm well suited for it.

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