Thursday, July 16, 2009

I fight to the finish...

I'm back at my desk - barely - spending all afternoon thinking of packing up and heading out again tomorrow.

I've been very snacky all morning. I finished my breakfast (boring old sandwich thin with peanut butter) and keep grabbing handfuls of these:

Trader Joe's lower salt roasted cashews and almonds with a few leftover peanuts from my last flight to Atlanta tossed in.

I also added some dark chocolate edamame with the second handful.

Lunch today was a spinach salad. I picked the lowest cost option for the spinach yesterday because I'm likely not going to finish it before I go away again. It was larger leaf spinach than I'm used to but just as yummy as the baby kind I usually buy. I was happy to realize that. I've been craving green stuff since my vacation. Insane - but true.

Bed of spinach with some red bell pepper, 3 baby carrots, and 1 breaded chicken tender chopped up with a drizzle of light vidalia onion dressing and some grated parmesan.

Before lunch I took a quick trip to Barnes and Noble. I read all the books I took to Miami and need more beachy reads. But I wound up with something not quite so beachy.

At one point in time I was a size where I'd be able to be on The Biggest Loser. Truthfully - I probably could have made it. I love that show - (even if 2 hours is way too long). I think it's amazing to see the transformation. Plus I love both Bob and Jillian with equal measure. If I had to choose though I'd want Jillian to train me. I do really like her approach when motivating others to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

I actually have been listening for the last few weeks to her radio show and it's been great. You can hear her on KFI. Her show is on Sunday but you can listen to archives online.

ANYWAY...that was a long winded way to say I bought her latest book today. I know some of what she's going to say (from listening to her show). Especially that I need to stop drinking this:

I'm not going to lie. I'm going to fight it as long as I can.

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