Friday, July 31, 2009


I feel so much better today.

First I want to say publicly that I have the best friends in the world. Truly. I have a group of friends from when I was in grammar school and then I have my city girls. These are the people I hang out with most often now.

We're like Sex and the City except we are all pretty much Charlottes. With maybe a Carrie and a Miranda mixed in.

No one is really Samantha though.

Anyway I was in a bit of a financial situation yesterday (of my own stupid doing) and once I mentioned I needed a sponsor for the evening (but would pay them back right away) and every single one of them offered to help me out. I'm so happy and kinda proud to be part of such an encouraging group of women.

Really. We rock.

I tried to take pics of my dinner last night but it was really dark.

I did manage to get this shot of the menu.

We went to Mancora in the East Village. It's a Peruvian restaurant. I'd never had Peruvian food before.

For an appetizer I had:

Papa Rellena

deep fried mashed potato ball stuffed with minced beef, cilantro and onion

And my entree was this:

Camaron Al Ajillo

sauteed shrimp in garlic sauce served with yellow rice

I had 2 glasses of wine too. Hair of the dog and all that. ;)

Obviously this was not my actual dinner but everything was so good and fresh and INEXPENSIVE. Really. It came to $35 apiece and the girls ordered 2 pitchers of sangria. I highly recommend.

I very rarely walk down to the East Village but it is so cute and there are so many great restaurants down there. Must remember that.

Hope you all had a lovely evening. I'll be back in a bit with tales of breakfast and plans for lunch.

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