Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is how many miles I walked this afternoon.

Add that to the 3+ miles I clocked in running at the gym before I left and you've got not a bad day.

Not bad at all.

I wound up walking to The High Line then walked the whole thing back and forth. It's pretty cool. There are only a few vendors there right now but it's a peaceful, pretty place to spend an hour or two.

Here's a look:

I loved the lounge chairs they had at one point. Didn't look like anyone was giving them up any time soon though.

One of my favorite things about this is that the walk took me to an area of the city I rarely go to...The Meatpacking District. I forget how many cool places (ie restaurants) are down there. I so wanted to stop at Pastis or Paradou or Spice Market but I'd rather go there with friends. Plus I had a yummy sandwich packed with me.

Five seconds after I climbed the stairs at Gansevoort Street I sat down and ate this:

Roasted chicken tenders with red bell pepper, extra sharp cheddar cheese, spinach and a spread of hummus on a whole wheat Sandwich Thin. I was so hungry I ate half before I remembered to take a picture!

Then I started walking back towards home and took a few more shots as I did. I loved this!

I ducked into Chelsea Market.

I'd never been there before.

Again. What is wrong with me? I need to spend more Saturdays like this. Just days where I take some time to explore the place where I live.

Plus I do think I am destined to work at the Food Network someday in some capacity. It's a good thing to get acquainted with the place I'll work someday. ;)

I was craving ice cream and finally found gelato.

I ended up with Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Chip. They were out of chocolate. :( but honestly it wasn't that big of a sacrifice. This was delicious and refreshing.

I almost got some of these cupcakes at Eleni's. They looked divine.

Then I ran into Bed Bath and Beyond for the exciting shower curtain liner purchase.

Fun fact: About 12 years ago I worked for a commercial real estate developer. I was in this building before it opened wearing a hard hat. I used to plan breakfast events for leasing agents to showcase the office space upstairs. The Gap had offices there. Not sure if they still do. It is located on the Ladies' Mile which used to be the big shopping district in NYC in the late 1800s.

I'm weirdly a little nostalgic about 620 Avenue of the Americas.

I headed uptown a few more blocks and went to what I consider MY park. Madison Square Park

I spread out a blanket on the lawn.

I read the latest issue of Gourmet while snacking on these:

And then I got a bit of a headache so I headed back home and just watched a really cheesy Lifetime movie with Crystal Bernard and James Brolin. Was anyone else a tad obsessed with the show Wings? I was so jealous of Helen for snagging Joe Hackett.

Mmmm. I love Tim Daly. He's definitely on my list.

Tomorrow I think I will start the day with a movie. I'm wavering between The Proposal and Harry Potter. I really can't decide. The Proposal will be quieter (read no kiddies) and since I'm going to the early bird show ($6) I'm probably better off with something that's been out a while. Plus I love Sandra Bullock.

And that Ryan Reynolds ain't bad either. :)

I'm going to maybe, possibly, try and tackle organizing my shoes in a bit. I have A LOT of shoes and I need to say goodbye to some of them. It's sad but sometimes you just have to, to make room for new ones.

I'm full from the gelato (and the pretzels and hummus I ate when I got home) so dinner is going to be something frozen. Either dumplings or honestly? Probably just another hot dog.

Don't worry. I'll spare you the excitement.

Till tomorrow!


  1. Hi there - just wanted to throw in a 'hello' as a new follower of this blog.

    Twentysomething single also looking to lose a great deal of pounds, just need my spine to kick in. Reading blogs like yours will hopefully help me get of the couch.

    Keep up the good work.

    (miss-spellings included, I am but a Dane)

  2. Hello back at you! No worries about spelling errors. I will not hold them against you!!

    You really can do it - and I'm sure you will when you are ready. There will be a moment where things will click. I truly believe that.

    My best piece of advice to you is to start slowly and make small changes. Before you know it those changes will become habit.

    I'm not going to lie - I would not have believed that piece of advice 7 months ago but it's really the truth.

    You have to shake it up now and again or else you'll likely plateau or get in a rut but even those changes can be small. Walk a few extra minutes, take an exercise class (or find a DVD) instead of hitting the gym, switch up your meals a bit.

    I was thinking about it walking around today. Last summer (hell - for the last FEW summers) I would never have ventured out like this. I'd be too busy wearing a denim jacket or cardigan to hide my weight to be able to get out there and enjoy the sunshine.

    Sorry! I tend to babble on sometimes. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I'm by no means an expert about all this but I'm happy to share the things that have worked for me.

    And I'm sorry about the pictures of cupcakes! Probably not helpful in losing weight!!

  3. Babbling allowed - I do it to. and don't worry about the cupcakes; when I get started I'm sure I'll only allow myself the taste of them once in a while; but when they're so pretty you can enjoy them without tasting them :O)

    (Allthough in our town we don't have them that stylish) I think that if I lived in NY I would probably be overwhelmed (?) by the diversity of goodies)

    Goodnight from Denmark - it's 0345 now so I should get som sleep.