Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's Do Lunch

It's lunchtime and time for an update!!

I brought the last of my bag of Trader Joe's treats. Now they're gone and I'm sad.

Salad again...kinda

And some tuna (half a can) w/a little mayo (about 1 tbsp) over spinach. Not the tastiest version I know.

Have I mentioned I'm kind of picky about food? Tuna is one of those things I never mess with.

I'm debating what to do today exercise wise. I could go to the gym - but I really want to finish my apartment. Plus I don't want to run today - I wanted to do a longer workout of incline walking which would take longer and leave me very little time to get stuff done.

I think I'm going to take an off day. I'll burn calories with my walk to and from work and with the cleaning I plan to do and then go to the gym in the morning for the incline workout.

Whew. Glad that's settled.

Dinner tonight is most definitely leftover Chicken Chili. I'm still mad I didn't eat it for dinner last night but wverything happens for a reason. Because I didn't that'll mean I won't mess up any pots or pans tonight after my kitchen is spotless.

Mondays are just not fun. I'd love it if we could just fast forward to Thursdays. That would be a perfect scenario for me. Two days of work, two days off.

That's it. I'm going to campaign for a 2 day work week. Who's with me? :)

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