Sunday, July 26, 2009

All About the Hamiltons, Baby

So it's Sunday. And it's sunny. The weather wasn't supposed to be so nice.

It didn't stop me from going to the movies though.

I woke up around 7 - watched some TV and tackled the shoe situation. I never wind up putting them back in the closet because I never know which pair is which. Then this morning I got the bright idea to write descriptions of my shoes on the outside of the boxes.

I know. Genius. All this and brains too. :) I can't believe it took me this long to figure that one out.

Sometimes I describe my shoes by where I bought them. Some people send postcards, I buy shoes when I go away.

Note: If you click on the picture please know the price of the shoes in the bottom box is listed in Hong Kong dollars. I shop mostly at Steve Madden not Jimmy Choo!

Oh but how I'd love for it to be the opposite.

And some will go back in my closet boxless once I finish cleaning this afternoon.

I got rid of about 6 or 7 pairs that are beyond hope, hurt my feet or are too crazy to keep. I guess I went through a pointy shoe phase but these are lethal.

They'll be going to the thrift shop.

I now have 41 pairs of shoes here. This does not count the pairs I know I left out on LI. I think I'm close to 50 if we go there.

I might have a problem.

After my Imelda Marcos inventory I ate a quick breakfast.

One egg, scrambled with 1 slice of sharp cheddar and 1 slice of bacon

How cute is my little whisk? He's dressed up for Christmas! I think my mom put him in my stocking one year.

Then I went to the gym. It was a momentous occasion. I ran for over 30 minutes without stopping. I ended up walking for about 7 as a cool down and was at about 3.75 miles in 44 minutes.

As I ran I kept thinking of something I heard on Jillian Michael's radio show (btw looks like she is on indefinite hiatus - which bums me out. I've started listening to episodes I've missed from earlier this year now). She said on one of her shows "When you get to the point you think you are done do 2 more. You are always capable of more than you think you are."

It's true. I was going to run till the clock said 30 minutes. Then I realized I had a 2 minute warm up - so I amended that to 32. I had set the timer on the treadmill to 35 minutes and when I hit 32 I just kept running. And I WAS capable of doing it.

Of course, when you accomplish something you didn't' think you could do then you no longer have excuses to NOT do it.

I guess my next goal is to run 40 minutes. It's good training for the 5Ks I'm running this fall.

I came home, showered quick and went to see The Proposal. (which I loved more than I thought I would. And I want every outfit Sandra wore in that movie. Plus the Christian Louboutin heels!)

My small popcorn and medium soda ($9) was more than the early bird ticket ($6). Luckily I had gift cards so it was actually free!

Then I decided to do a quick grocery shop on the way home. Except I only had $13 in cash and no debit cards with me. The pretzels and Newman's Own Chocolate Alphabet cookies went by the wayside so I could end up at about $10.

I'm about to get changed in scrubby clothes and go scour the bathroom, then organize the closet. Somewhere in there I'm going to break for a quick lunch - not sure what that'll be yet.

I have been gone too many weekends. There's a lot to catch up on.

Hope you're having a lazier Sunday than me!

Post title courtesy of Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell


  1. Looks like we had the same kind of day, hehe. I went to Whole Foods and caught a time to cook! :)

  2. If my kitchen was clean (it's up next) I'd have made more of an effort. One thing I hate about cleaning and organizing. I don't want to touch anything once it's done!!!