Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation - Day 4? 5?

I'm really not sure what day it is.

Miami was a lot of fun - but now I'm visiting relatives in a much more civilized part of Florida.

I don't go clubbing in NY but we went out every night in South Beach. Insane.

Thursday was this place called Mansion

Friday was Skybar at The Shore Club (this was my favorite)

Saturday was Plunge the rooftop bar at the Gansevoort Hotel.

I've never spent more money going out in my life. Honestly.

It's great to relax (in a completely different way) but I am missing certain things.


My friends - first and foremost.


...sitting poolside and reading...

Eating frozen grapes...

and poolside lunches...

Chicken panini w/tomato, fresh mozzarella and avocado and sweet potato fries

Yesterday I was a very bad blogger. I forgot to take any pics of anything. I had some yummy peel & eat shrimp in Ft Lauderdale (and a few more frozen lemonades - if I'm being honest!)and some grilled chicken and salad for dinner. Delicious and just what I needed.

I did however accomplish something pretty great. I walked (and even ran a little) every day (except Thursday when I took a (much less intense but fun) Zumba class. I averaged 3 miles a day (and one day I walked twice and maxed out at 6). There was a great walking/jogging path and a board walk that ran along the beach. It was hot - but a very pretty walk.

Bottom line - I know I did some damage with all the partying, but the walking counterbalanced it nicely I think.

It was during this vacation that I really realized how much my life has changed. It's a pretty great feeling - gotta say.

I am here till tomorrow - going to the beach today. Very low key though - which is exactly what I need.

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