Sunday, July 26, 2009

Almost there

I've gotten a ton done. The five garbage bags sitting here next to me prove that. I've thrown out things that have been sitting here for about 5 years. I have one drawer that is nearly empty and only one canvas storage cube full of my old choral music, my CD binder and a few other odds and ends.

Trust me - this is quite an accomplishment.

My closet is pretty much done. My bathroom is spotless. I organized my jewelry, my nightstand, my kitchen junk drawer and the bottom drawers of my armoire. I still have to venture under the bed and clean the kitchen (I'm going to at least wipe up the stove, empty the dishwasher and clear out the sink before I go to bed) but I'll work on that and organizing the cabinets and taking stock of the fridge and freezer tomorrow night. I'm hoping to be in bed tonight by about 11.

Then I'll just have to work at keeping it this way.

While I watched the Yankees beat the A's I made a quick lunch of steamed chicken dumplings. They were yummy.

I almost forgot dinner. It was nearly 9 before I got around to it - which is fine because I had lunch at about 4. I pulled a frozen pizza crust out and had a pretty much all processed food dinner. I'm not proud to say I ate the entire thing.

I have to say it didn't even taste that good. Pretty disappointing. I should have had leftover chicken chili instead. :(

Alrighty - I better get cracking if I want to be in bed in a half hour.

Have a lovely evening one and all!!!

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