Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vacation - Day One

Here's something obvious.

Miami is HOT.

But I'm happy to be here. Today is when the celebration truly gets underway. There will be 10 of us here tonight.

To start my vacation I had some PB on a sandwich thin in the airport.

Then a frosty beverage:

Frozen Pink Lemonade w/vodka

and a yummy lobster burrito with sweet potato fries:

It had big chunks of lobster in a tomato based sauce with veggies, brown rice and corn and was delicious. I ate half the burrito and then some lobster chunks out of the other half.

Dinner was a slice of Quiche Lorriane w/mixed greens on the side w/a glass of white wine - but it was too dark for a pic.

Now I'm about to run to the gym or walk on the beach...and then lay like broccoli poolside.

Last night was the mellow night. I need to rest up for this evening!!!

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  1. That all sounds amazing and as I sit here in an office in Portland, OR where the clouds have decided to roll on in, I am quite envious of you and I will just have to live vicariously through your posts.