Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Zumba, then cleaning. Excitement all around!

I'm off to Zumba in a bit. Then I'll be coming back here and getting this place in order. No matter how hard I try it always gets back to this state. Once I have a few extra dollars I'm going to call my cleaning lady back again. If I can swing it it's totally worth the money so that I don't have to clean.

I can clean - I just don't like it.

Anyway those are my plans for this beautiful day. I started by having some protein and carbs.

Hardboiled egg + a piece of chive bread w/butter

Time to get dressed for the walk uptown. See you later!


  1. I've never tried Zumba, but it looks like such a fun way to burn some calories. Have fun!

  2. It really is. If you have a class near you I'd highly recommend it. It's non stop cardio and strength training - especially core training. And you don't have to be a real dancer to enjoy it - at least I don't think so. My weight loss really picked up once I started going. I'm not sure if that was more me being more conscious or the extra exercise. I'm going with it was a combo of both.