Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Night Before

The Race for the Cure is tomorrow so that means my first 5k. I did a practice one today - starting off walking for 3 - running for 5 - walking for 2 - running for 10 - walking for 2 and then running until I hit 3.1 miles. It took me almost 37 min. Since my goal tomorrow is to finish under 40 min and to run the whole thing I think I just might make it.

Regardless - if you told me last year as I begrudgingly celebrated my birthday in an outfit 5 times bigger than the one I wore last night that I'd be running anywhere without being chased by a knife wielding psycho I'd tell you you were crazy.

So there's that.

Once home from the gym I took care of my tootsies. My bathroom is ridiculous. The base of my shower resembles a bathtub in the loosest sense of the word. So I filled it up...

...and soaked my poor feet using this:

Then slathered on some of this:

And then put on a hot outfit:

Since I think I should be carbo loading (HA!) I made some pasta tonight. I started with the leftover Trader Joe's canned Marinara Sauce I opened the other day for pizza. For the pizza I used it straight. Tonight I spiced it up.

I used some shrimp:

And some onions.

And some roasted garlic.

I sauteed the garlic and onion then sauteed the shrimp till just pink.

I took them out and deglazed the pan.

Then I added the tomato sauce and a hunk of parmesan.

Then some spices...a little bit of basil that I had in the freezer, some italian seasoning, S&P

And a pinch of red pepper flakes - using the cute measuring cups my sister gave me for my birthday (from Anthropologie)

I chopped up the leftover asparagus from last night and tossed it with some fresh whole wheat pasta I found in the freezer.

I've got to be uptown by 8:15 ish - so I am going to try and get some sleep now.

Have a lovely evening! Please think good, non-humid thoughts for me tomorrow.


  1. Best of luck in the 5K! I'll be thinking of you!

    That looks like a great meal you put together for yourself. You've come a long, long way in a year. :)

    Strangely enough, it's fun to see your shower. It reminds me of my little apartments when I lived in the city. Not "the city," where you live, but my city. In one of them, I could literally sit on the toilet and wash my hands in the sink at the same time. Not that I necessarily would, but I could. I have good memories of those times.

  2. Thanks! I know! I really can't quite believe it but I really have.

    My bathroom is horrible and out of control tiny. It is sorely in need of a renovation. And I can do the same exact thing!