Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sing for my supper

I had my first rehearsal of the season tonight and as much as I love to sing I do not like getting home at 10 PM. But we're doing fun stuff - like singing carols in Times Square at Christmas so there's that.

I ate dinner at the office before I walked downtown. Leftover pasta from Patsy's.

This was so simple and so delicious. Must recreate soon.

I've got to a) go to the gym in the morning and b) reign myself in a little. I'm out after work every day this week. Throughout the day I ate 2 squares of chocolate, a thin slice of the pound cake I made, 1 snack size bag of pretzels, a snack size bag of PopChips and a handful of chocolate covered almonds. I also walked almost 8 miles but after the holiday weekend getting back on track is in order.

I haven't eaten anything since about 7 PM and have brushed my teeth so there's that.

Tomorrow is another day. We'll see what it brings.

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