Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping, a parade, a Beer Garden and a picnic bench.

(A view from the subway platform - the RFK (aka Triboro) Bridge)

Wow. Apologies all around. I've been a really bad blogger these last few days. A lot to catch up on.

Let's go in chronological order.

Friday I went out to LI. I got my hair done - I'm a real blondie now. A weird observation - I have never had light hair at my heaviest. I've been heavier than I am now - and my hair is a light brown naturally - but I really have never been this light when I'm really heavy. I tend to dye my hair dark when I feel like I can't change anything else - plus it hides me a bit. Maybe. I don't know. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

Anyway - I got a lot of great clothes (in size 10/12 and medium!!) - I'll post that stuff later.

I had this on the train ride:

Whole wheat bagel with scallion cream cheese

I had dinner with my mom and my sister at Cipollinis.

I split the caprese salad with my sister.

I had Bucatini Pomodoro

And some wine - x2

And we shared dessert. Chocolate gelatto:

And berries and cream.

Then the next morning after a quick bagel w/peanut butter I was back on the train.

Then walked uptown to the Steuben Day Parade to march to support my friend Carrie. And I guess me - since I am Irish and German myself.

First - someone made me do a shot of something cherry flavored.

These guys were there:

We marched up 5th Avenue and then headed to the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria.

I had a hamburger. They had a lot of other yummy looking options - like Schnitzel and sausages but I thought this would be a better option.

And some of this potato salad. Not all of it by any means. It was good - but strange. I never had potato salad with peas in it before. I also had some fries and a few onion rings much, much later.

Most people drank this:

But I had this:

And after a few of them I was talking and randomly fell off the bench I was sitting on. Just slid right off with my feet in the air.

Seriously. Only me!!

More updates later. This took forever to put together. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

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