Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday and Mad Men

OK - seriously. I was NOT expecting that.

If you watch Mad Men you know what I'm talking about. Note to self - if someone is running around on a riding mower in the office run the other way.

And of course I take this opportunity to talk about what I ate this morning.

No surprises there.

My shoulders are really aching today. I'm going to take today off and have a relaxing Monday evening. I'm going to make some yummy pasta for dinner I think.

Lunch today is the rest of my dad's chili. Back to salads tomorrow.

Hope you're having an OK Monday thus far. Be back in a bit.


  1. Just when he got his foot in the door! :) Yummy pasta sounds awesome. It's cold and rainy here and comfort food is the order of the day, I think.

  2. Ha! Honestly - I really couldn't watch most of it. I have it on DVR to try and rewatch tonight. I'll send you some virtual pasta later.