Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's like breakfast, but with booze. Who doesn't love that?

I really do love brunch - and Philip Marie in the West Village has a great (and super cheap) one.

I started with a screwdriver - then had another and had to keep Maddie from stealing it. She loves orange juice. You'll be happy to know I was successful.

For my entree I had Marie's Wrap

scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled ham, onions, with cheddar & pepper jack cheese served with skillet potatoes & tomato salsa

I ate one half - I gave my dad a quarter of the second half and then an itty bitty person took four huge bites of my leftover.

It was suggested, rather urgently, that we go find some ice cream. We ended up here:

I did Jennifer Aniston's workout again today and I'm apparently also following her in other areas:

Jen and I shared the Chockie Cookie Mint Mint which was York Peppermint Patties, Dark Chocolate and Oreos mixed with vanilla yogurt. Kind of like a Blizzard.

Jen - my sister, not Aniston. :)

Instead of staying in NYC I rode out to LI with Jen (my sister, not Aniston) and am hanging here tonight. Jen made dinner. A Trader Joe's Garlic Parmesan Flatbread turned into a margherita pizza.

It was quite delicious. Here's my share:

Plus a small glass and a half of red.

Tomorrow's plans are a possible run at the track with my sister and a day at the ball park. Here's hoping that Jeter goes 3 for 3 and breaks the record during the day game.

Until then!! Sleep well!!

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