Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Tribute to Johnny Castle

We ended Zumba tonight by mimicking the final scene of Dirty Dancing. Have I said before how much I love that class? Well I do. Even if Ben called me on a 'jazz hand' violation during a combination. I was doing something weird with my hands and he said "What the hell is that? Like 'abbra cadabbra' - I can do this?"

What's worse is I didn't even realize I was doing anything weird!! Cracked me up. It really is so much fun. Even though I know full well I'm getting a workout the class flies by.

I walked home - made a quick dinner - leftover mac n cheese and two baked chicken tenders w/BBQ sauce.

Not very exciting - but my stomach is a little bleh today. I wanted something pretty bland.

And then I watched The Office. I thought it was a great first episode. I giggled all the way through.

Heading out to LI tomorrow to get my hair done - then shopping because I have absolutely no clothes to wear anymore.

Sleep tight! See you in the AM.

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