Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Super Quick Dinner

I'm off for 5 hours - 3 hours worth of rehearsal. I'm going to take a walk downtown today so I need an hour to get there.

I had the last of the spicy tomato sauce w/shrimp and put it over broccoli. It tasted good - shrimp is hard to reheat but since I cooked them to just done the other day it worked out fine.

I've got a band aid on the most ornery blister, new earbuds and my flip flops on. Now to trek 3 miles downtown.

Biggest Loser premiere tonight!! I've missed Bob and Jillian. I can't wait to get home and watch.

Question: Who are these people tuning in at 10 PM to watch Jay Leno??? Really. I need to know.

I seriously wonder about America sometimes.


  1. I think the people who will continue tuning in to watch Leno are older people like my dad who's in his 70s.

  2. Yeah. I know. They had played a bunch of trailers for it at the movies and it was so unfunny I can't even fathom how it's going to work.

    Maybe it won't...