Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night (sigh)

My weekend is destined to be family filled once again. The downside of having a birthday so near Labor Day is that everyone gets the hell out of dodge.

Except moi.

It's OK. I have some fun stuff coming up. my apartment since I did not do that today. I'm also going to put out the bat signal and see if anyone can go for a drink tomorrow night. If not - I've got brunch with the family on Sunday followed by a trip to Yankee Stadium on Monday.

Next week is busy too so I'm not feeling too bad about staying in. For some reason the industry events are out in force this week. Chorus rehearsals start on Tuesday. I've got an event on Wednesday at Buddakan, a Fashion Week event on Thursday and then my big b-day bash Friday night.

Cannot wait! Just call me Carrie Bradshaw.

Tonight I had the very last of the "Chipotle" leftovers. Gotta be honest - it was really yummy but I made too much of it so I'm glad to see it go.

I was VERY snacky this afternoon. I had cashews, chocolate edamame, pretzels and hummus and the last of a bag of BBQ PopChips. Too much.

I have been looking over this cookbook which was one of my birthday gifts.

It's fantastic. My single favorite cookbook is the Better Homes and Gardens one but this one is going to be a very close second.

I like Mark Bittman a lot. This book is very simple to follow and it gives you a basic recipe and then ways to spice it up. I can't wait to cook something from it.

Here is one of the recipes I hope to try really soon.

As I mentioned earlier I went to the Farmer's Market today. I'm an idiot. I need to go there far more often. Everything looked so lovely and fresh, like shopping in someone's garden. My next paycheck that's where I'm going to get the bulk of my produce. Except NOT the organic spring mix that I saw today at $18/lb ??!!?? That is where the $1.99 Trader Joe's Baby Spinach Cello Bags come in.

Here's hoping these are the last of the sucky pictures. I found the way to disable the flash (FINALLY) and to enable the macro feature so we shall see.

Have a good night. Hope you all are out doing something far more exciting than me! Zumba tomorrow if for no other reason than to get me out and walking around! The gym is far too close to me!

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