Thursday, September 17, 2009


Just checking in with a quick lunch/snack post. I ran to the store quickly last night on my way home from the movie. The produce again sucked nickels. I am planning a trip to the Farmer's Market and Trader Joe's over the weekend.

I had leftover cornmeal chicken so I ran up to the cafeteria and grabbed some greens (read spinach) + black beans, corn, red pepper, red onion, carrots and a little cheese. I also grabbed a little light Italian dressing.

with some PopChips on the side...

and some chocolate for dessert. This TJ's chocolate is great and super cheap. It's less than $2 for 3 bars.

Plus a little snack later on...

Zumba in a few. It's so cold here today. I can't wait to snuggle in and watch my favorite show.

See you later!

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