Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost Famous

I have a few things to talk about this morning. I want to tell you how my bread turned out - not as good as the first attempt but still tasty.

I wanted to tell you how I almost got mowed down twice this morning - once by a truck crossing E 27th Street (pedestrains DO have the right of way in NYC last time I checked - esp. if the crosswalk sign says WALK) and once by a group of about 6 models running down the sidewalk with their books in hand. They all looked to be about 15. I thought for a sec I was knee deep in an episode of America's Next Top Model but there wasn't a camera in sight.

But mostly - I wanted to talk about how I'd simply l-o-v-e to have the opportunity to attend the finals of the S.Pellegrino® Almost Famous Chef® Competition.

As someone who eagerly awaits each new season of Top Chef, who cringes when the contestants on Chopped open their baskets, who defaults to The Food Network as the channel of choice at least once a day, who takes a picture of pratically every morsel I put in my mouth let's face it.

I'm obsessed with food.

I'm obsessed with how it's prepared and who prepares it. I chop ingredients and put them in little bowls and pretend I'm the star of my own cooking show when I make dinner.

I'd love to get a sneak peek at the people who might actually HAVE their own show someday.

Having worked at and dealt with restaurants for many years I know I'm not cut out for being a chef. I've gone to too many Open Houses at the French Culinary Institute to count. My destiny doesn't lie in working in a restaurant kitchen but in a much smaller one. I envision myself with a small catering company one day to be absolutely honest.

But even then, if I do acheive that goal, I'll look to those who innovate, who have a different sort of passion for food than I, who are standing in the shadow of culinary masters waiting for their day in the sun.

And I truly hope to be in Napa Valley to see it firsthand.

But for now I'll sit at my desk with this modest creation I made for breakfast.

And dream of sipping wine sometime in March.

Or you know, water as the case may be. :)

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