Thursday, February 4, 2010

Perfect Ending

I love Zumba. If you're my sister you are under the impression that I need to make that statement at least once a day. I don't actually but I do completely love it.

I saw an informercial for Zumba DVDs last weekend but honestly that wouldn't do it for me. I love my class in particular for the atmosphere and I love it because Ben is the most cheesirific instructor ever.

Right at the end of class he asked if anyone else was sad that Jersey Shore is over. (ME!) Then he said it's okay, he's got another show he's watching.

And then played this song as the cooldown.

I there anything more amazing?

(Yes. I watch The Bachelor and yeah it's completely horrible. But I can't help it. Oh! This is a good place to mention the most fabulous Bachelor recaps. Honestly Lincee's recaps are worth sitting through the show for. She's hysterical.)

Anyway - I left class in the best mood ever.

I got home, jumped in the shower, had a teeny snack of pita chips and a slice of cheddar and then heated up dinner. I needed more protein so first I steamed some shrimp and edamame.

Then I added it to last night's leftovers.

Soon I'll go hunting for chocolate.

Oh. I also am going to bake that bread tonight. I don't now if it was the yeast being old or the addition of whole wheat flour but it's not rising like it did last time. I'm gonna give it a go anyway and we shall see.

My preliminary plan is to actually go to the gym tomorrow morning.

We'll see what actually happens.

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