Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get your greens

First of all - I am pleased to report - mission accomplished!!

Grand total - $18.99 baby!!!

I got some milk, a red pepper, spinach, some herbs, some eggs, some chili sauce, whole wheat EM's (which I've been missing!), some pasta and some broccoli.

(PS: The chili sauce, pasta, herbs and red pepper will be seen again at dinner time. Recipe included.)

Speaking of broccoli...

I wanted something green with lunch but didn't want salad. I took some frozen broccoli and parsley and chopped it up in the Mini-Prep.

Then I added it to some of the leftover cheesy potatoes. With a baked chicken tender on the side. I know. It doesn't look very pretty but it tasted pretty good.

Be back in a bit!


  1. Oh my gosh that looks amazing!!!!

  2. See what do I know! I thought it looked like baby food. LOL!