Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things I bought that I love...

When leaving Long Island this morning (trudging through the snow) I thought I had my act together. I packed up my dress and my shoes and the new boots I bought - all my clean laundry folded and back in my suitcase.

But I forgot my camera. :(

My breakfast is the same old same old today...

...so I thought I'd give you pics of things I bought this weekend. As a bit of a homage to Mindy Kaling.

Sadly I don't think she's blogging anymore - that's the old link. :(

Anyway...tomorrow we'll have pics of what I'm wearing to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Black Tie Fundraiser I'm going to on Saturday night. It's what we like to call our prom. For grown ups.

Or almost grown ups. :)

Actually the picture with this post (click on it and it'll get bigger. That's what she said.) is me at the event in 2008 and then in 2009. I'll try and get a good comparison pic on Sat night and add it to the mix. I think it's one of the best ways to gauge how far you've come. That picture on the left is me at what I'm guessing is about 220 (I could not find a thing to wear that night - that was something in like a size 20 and frumpy as can be. Man - was I miserable) and the other is me at near 190. I remember last year I had met a goal for 20 lbs lost right before this and felt so great.

Fun night. This year will be even better!!! I'm 40 lbs further from that today. Amazing.

So anyway. Enough of that. Here's what I got on my mini spree.

First - Beach, by Bobbi Brown

It smells like sun, salt, sand and the most delicious sunscreen. Makes me want to be sitting seaside with a frosty tropical drink. Hopefully I'll get my wish soon.

Next, boots. Roedeo by Steve Madden.

These were a steal. On sale for $57.00. Originally $129.99

I'd post more but my work computer does not like me looking for things I bought. I'd love to get some feedback on some of it though. I'm not quite used to shopping at this size yet and could use a little advice.

We'll chat tomorrow.

Later today - a fairly boring lunch and Champagne and Chocolate.

Stay tuned!!

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