Friday, February 26, 2010


I know that some people can't stand canned tuna - that the smell just kills them. I however do not have this issue.

Lunch today was some tuna with spinach on a whole wheat English.

With some BBQ PopChips on the side.

I'm sorry things are not going to be too exciting at the moment. I'm just watching the snow fall and trying to catch up on some work. I'm planning on heading out to Long Island tomorrow. Tonight I'll give you pictures of my yummy dinner so hopefully that'll make up for the blahs of today. :)

See you later!!


  1. I love tuna and practically live on those little cans of flavored tuna for lunch. My lunch is generally that with a portion of cheese (old cheddar or babybel) and raw veg. I also love tuna on sandwich thins, english muffins and crackers. Yum:)
    I have been reading your blog for a couple weeks and like you, I live alone so everything I do is for myself. I have to admit, I like it that way. I have no one to please but myself. I find having my boyfriend over or being around other people for meals is a bad influence:)

  2. y&c - I am as plain as you get when it comes to tuna - just Bumblebee (gold can or solid white in water) with Hellman's mayo. That's all I'll eat. But I do love those sandwich thins!!

    Cooking for others is tough - because if I leave something fattening out of a recipe and it doesn't work at least i'm only disappointing myself. Thanks for reading!! Hopefully we can give each other ideas of what to eat when we're alone!

  3. Sounds like a plan:) I find dinner is the hardest meal for me. I CAN cook, I just usually can't be bothered to make a full meal for myself. New ideas are always welcome.


  4. See - that's my favorite part of the day - cooking dinner. I take the most time and it almost relaxes me for the most part. There are days of course where I'm not at all interested in making my kitchen a mess but I love cooking dinner most of the time.

    But yes. Sounds like a plan. :)