Thursday, February 11, 2010

Salad, for people who hate salad

I've mentioned before how I went from a never salad person to someone who eats them more often than not. Salads are my favorite at work lunch because I love ending the workday knowing I can use the bulk of my daily calories for dinner.

Not that I count calories but you know.

I'm not a big fan of dressings. I don't like it when there's too much oil or too much vinegar - and the creamy ones don't appeal to me much either. I like just enough to add flavor without sopping the greens into oblivion.

Anyway...what I'm trying to say that - partciularly in winter - one of my favorite things is to add something warm to the salad. It helps act like a dressing, and doesn't give you that cool, refreshing type taste that would be welcome in summer.

I've done this many times before. Make some peppersteak and throw it on greens, warm egg casserole over baby spinach, leftover chicken parm...

You get the idea.

The key for me is to add protein. You'll very rarely see me have a salad without cheese or chicken or the like. I think that's fine. The point is that I'm getting the greens in.

A little has to be better than none.

Today I decided to try this...Asian style. I steamed some chicken goyza and edamame - added some sweet chili sauce and teriyaki and served it over a bed of baby spinach.

I think that has been a huge part in my healthier eating. It is still - to this day - a conscious choice for me to eat vegetables. It is not second nature yet. It's not that I don't like vegetables but my mind is still parked somewhere in the land of burgers and fries. And it's great that I've managed to keep eating them during all this - but I do know that less is more.

Anyway this was a long way to tell you that's what I ate for lunch. If you don't like salad as a rule try this sometime and see if it works.

The end.

Talk to you later. :)

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