Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Soooo...guess who was so wrapped up in herself today she totally forgot it was Ash Wednesday?


That would be me.

The Sisters of St. Joseph are hanging their heads in shame.

So to make up for it I made a meatless dinner. Like that negates the bacon and chicken I ate already today.

And the fact I didn't go to church.

I hope God forgives me.

I made a variation of a recipe found on Smitten Kitchen.

Except I used fresh whole wheat pasta instead of dried. (I wouldn't do that again. I think dried would stand up better to the sauce).

And Parmesan instead of Romano.

And much less of butter and everything (maybe a tablespoon of each EVOO and butter).

And fresh parsley.

But it was still very good. I have half a bowl still left. My eyes were bigger than my stomach.

I mentioned yesterday I'd show you the pics of what I'm wearing on Saturday. I don't know if they actually do it justice - and I'll post pics the night of the party as well but here you go. In case you are interested!

The dress is strapless (I KNOW!!) and like a taffetta. It's made by Ryu: I can't find a lot about them online but it was super reasonable - only $72.00

The hem has this ruffly thing that looks like flowers. It hits right at my knee.

My mom gave me this bag for Christmas. I like that it's red - and that it has a wrist strap. I also love the glittery frog. :)

But I might use one of these bags instead. I don't know if the red adds or takes away from the outfit.

The shoes. Oh, the shoes. More than the dress. Bought at Nordstroms when I was in Boca last month. They're by Guess and called Carrielee.

And finally the necklace. Another Christmas gift. (Thanks Mom!!!) The rest of my jewelry will be fairly simple. 2 tiny bracelets and a cocktail ring. Maybe glittery earrings to match but that's it.

I love dressing up. And this is more fun than dressing up for a wedding. You don't have to worry about upstaging the bride!!!

And with dreams (and better yet plans!) of looking and feeling fabulous I'm here to announce that my pity party is ending.

I renewed my eHarmony account today. Let's see who else is out there.


  1. You go girl!! I had to kiss a ton of frogs to get my prince!

  2. I know, I know. It's just that I'm sort of tired of kissing them. I've bet at it for a WHILE!!!