Monday, February 1, 2010

Dinner for Seven

There was a full house last night for dinner. Having two kids in attendance - kid friendly foods were on the menu.

Mac and cheese...

Baked breaded chicken...

Roasted broccoli...

My plate...

There was also wine...

I know. This is not kid friendly. :)

And a little bit of ice cream for dessert.

I also made some brownies for my return to chorus tomorrow. It was a nice break. It's always so cold down in Tribeca though. The walk from City Hall to the school is BRUTAL. But now they're done and I don't need to worry about them anymore. The ends got a little too well done but the rest tasted pretty good.

I may have sampled a bit. :)

This brings us to breakfast this morning.


I'm headed back into the city in a few. I've been asked to take some cheddar cheese and red potatoes home so I expect to incorporate them for dinner in some way.

I'm thinking mashed cheddar cheese potatoes might be in order.

We shall see.


  1. Omg that mac and cheese looks DIVINE! Do you have a recipe?

  2. Hi Sarah! I do. It's my mom's. :) I will post it later this week. Very simple. Just macaroni with a basic cheese sauce.