Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Slacker

Sorry I've been MIA most of the day. I headed out to lunch and then the munchkins were here so I've been a bit distracted.

Let's start with breakfast...

Then lunch at La Bottega in Roosevelt Field.

I had a glass of wine.

And the Di Rosa salad with baby spinach instead of mixed greens.

Chicken cutlet with mixed greens, fresh tomatoes,
goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

And some bread.

Then I bought 3 Berenstain Bears books and had to read them each three times to Madeleine this afternoon.

I also bought some vitamins I hadn't been taking them for a while but I feel like my hair might need them.

See, my hair is a mess. It's fine as a rule but it seems more brittle than anything lately. I try deep conditioners, I try washing my hair every other day. I really don't know what to do with it.

I got a Hair, Skin and Nails formula from GNC as well as a regular Women's Vitamin. The dose for each is 2 caplets but I'm going to take one of each since I think a lot of the vitamins seem to double up. M told me I didn't need to take supplements if I was getting my nutrients from food and though I think I do OK with dairy - I'm not sure I make up for it soley with my food I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. It's just weird taking vitamins after not taking them for so long.

And GNC puts vanilla flavoring in their women's vitamins. I never knew that.

I also bought Nioxin thinking maybe that'll help.

I'll keep you posted. Has anyone else used this? My hair just looks so dry and damaged I feel like I need to do something.

I got home, helped ice some cupcakes (my mom and the kiddies made them while I was out.) and then we went to an early dinner. Since I had just eaten I had a quick cup of soup (which I forgot to take a picture of). Maddie however took a picture of "The Olympics".

Or the US v Canada Hockey Game. :(

I'm not into hockey but that was some game!

I took home some food which I will eat shortly.

Aaaand that's about it. Nothing too exciting. I'm working from here tomorrow and heading home sometime in the afternoon.

See you later! Sleep well.


  1. I am using EO Products (you can find them online or at Whole Foods) and I LOVE them. My hair is naturally curly, but also very fine in texture and it was feeling super dry. I also have to color it since I was gray early. I just started using EO early in January and my hair is awesome now!

  2. I should try that. First I'm going to see how the Nioxin works first as I just spent like $70 on hair products yesterday! But that's good to know. Thanks!!