Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night

Things I've done this evening.

I walked home.

I ate this.

There is nothing in this world better than bread and cheese. When I finally go to Paris - I'm going to eat this all the time.

Do they really eat just bread and cheese in Paris or is that something I made up in my head?

Then I went to the gym (FINALLY) and I did this.

(Note to Shan: I did run but I also walked a bit. And I didn't do it outside. Does that count anyway??)

I did a 5K and then stopped to see how long it took. I incline walked a good portion so not too shabby. Then I did another quarter of a mile as a cooldown.

Then I came home, showered and made pizza for dinner. I took a can of whole tomatoes, smushed them up and added some spices, chopped onion and garlic and some fresh basil and parsley and put it on a TJ's flatbread.

So, so, good.

It's Friday so I had wine. And perhaps also a sliver and a half more of the pizza. :)

I'm fretting about the snow tomorrow. Not because I think it'll be a blizzard but because I want to wear a pair of high heeled boots on my date that are not exactly winter weather appropriate.


Do you think he'll think polka dot Wellies are sexy?

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