Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shrimp in Spicy Tomato Sauce (and other stuff too)

Every Thursday, Saturday and/or Sunday that I take Zumba Ben greets the new people in the class with a little spiel about how it's a fitness based dance class using Latin rythmns blah blah blah.

Then in the middle of it he makes us do push ups and squats screaming "I SAID FITNESS!!!!"

I hate him while I'm in the midst of it but love it when I'm done.

I started taking this class about a year ago. I am pretty sure incorporating Zumba made a huge difference in my weight loss. I had lost about 20 lbs between October and February. I lost 30 more from February to about June. It's a full hour on nonstop movement.

I go on and on about it all the time so I'll stop now but I'm telling you - for me - there's no better workout. You can't change the music to a slower song and you can't make it go slower like the treadmill. The warm up starts and that's it. You're in it till the end.

I came home and started dinner. I had some leftover sauce from when I made pizza - just some whole crushed tomatoes with italian seasoning, fresh basil and parsley, garlic and onion. I added some more crushed red pepper, a splash of red wine and simmered before adding some shrimp and some peas at the very end.


All done!

And then dessert...

I only had 2 of the chocolates.

And now since it's Office Thursday and it's almost time for the commercial break to be over I'll leave it at that. I have to get back. Poor Jim is dealing with a lot right now.

Till tomorrow!

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