Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Champagne and Chocolate

and grainy cell phone pictures.

I debated even posting these but here you go.

And for the record - am not at all tipsy. :) I also had a slice and a half of pizza (unpictured).

It was a fun night. I love my friends. We talked about this weekend and how fun our "prom" will be. We ate some goodies and drank some bubbly. A great idea for a Girl's Night if you are so inclined.

It'll make up for people not replying to my text.

I'm bummed. :( I really thought we could date a little bit and see what happened. But alas...I guess it's better to know sooner than later huh?

With that I'm going to head for bed I think so I can get up and out of here at some point tomorrow morning to go to the gym. I'm feeling very sluggish.

Sleep well. See you tomorrow.


  1. Okay, I had a huge comment written up but then my computer ate it. Basically:

    - men sometimes are so focused on one thing that they forget things like texting.
    - maybe his phone is dead
    - or he could be a jerk

  2. FF - I know all these things - and I'm still hopeful. It's just that I hate feeling like I've read everything wrong. I decided to cut through all that and just pretty much flat out ask him what's going on. Apparently this has been a problem in previous relationships for him - he mentioned in his profile he'd rather have discussions about conflicts than let them fester. I'd festered for over a week. Twas time I think.

    The whole texting thing might be a really passive way to go about it - but it's how we've communicated thus far for the most part. Plus I'm loquacious as all get out in person - I'm just not a phone person. I spend far too much of my day wearing a headset to want to talk on one when I'm at work.

    Anyway we'll see what one of the three it is. I'm hopeful it's anything other than option 3 but I'm not holding my breath.