Friday, February 26, 2010


Oh man. I'm offensive right now. Vampires within a 100 mile radius are taking cover. I used waaay too much garlic in this dish.

But it was still good!

So for dinner I decided on Ina's Baked Shrimp Scampi

I'll tell you right now I didn't do this quite right. I didn't pare down the ingredients enough for one serving. It was too much lemon, too much garlic, and a piece of whole wheat toast thrown in the food processor does not panko breadcrumbs make.

Live and learn.

Tonight's cast of characters...

Shrimp taking a swim in olive oil and white wine.

Which I originally was going to use the end of a bottle of Chardonnay - but it was questionable so I opened some Vinho Verde.

And then had a taste.

The butter, parsley, red pepper, egg yolk, lemon juice/zest mix.

Making breadcrumbs. I threw the garlic and onion (no shallots tonight) in there too.

Breadcrumbs and butter together.

I baked the shrimp in the same dish as some asparagus.

But didn't write down the temperature when I copied the recipe - so my oven was on 375 when it needed to be 425. Thus, the breadcrumbs never got crispy. I ate it over pasta - so it didn't really matter.

The thing I love about this recipe though is that it does not swim in butter. I used about a tablespoon and the breadcrumbs really help to sop that up. I never order shrimp scampi out - because I can't take looking at it sitting there in a puddle of butter and oil.

There is chocolate in my future and then a good night's sleep. I'm going to trek up to Zumba in the morning since I never got to the gym today. I know if I go there I'll get the crap beat out of me for an hour and I know I won't make myself run that long. Then it's out to Long Island I go.

See you in the morning! Sleep well this snowy night!


  1. Looks yummy even if it did not turn out exactly right!!!! I am trying that recipe tomorrow!!! Yeah - I can post from home computer! Love your blog!

  2. Ann - Yay for being able to post from home! Thanks for commenting. The recipe is really great. It's probably too late if you tried it today but just go sparingly on the ingredients if you make it for just you. I overpowered it with the lemon and garlic for sure!!