Friday, February 12, 2010

Another one down

I've officially planted myself in the 150's apparently so YAY!! I was worried with the constant creeping up at the end of the year but it seems I'm back on the way down. YAY AGAIN!!

I'm now 7 lbs from my goal weight.


I was ravenous when I got home. I walked in the door and ripped open a bag of pretzels and starting dunking them into hummus with abandon.

And then I got a hold of myself and ate this:

It was a yummy concoction of turkey, swiss, hummus, spinach, onion and honey mustard.

And a handful of dark chocolate edamame and peanuts for dessert. :)

Plans for this evening are up in the air. I might meet friends for dinner, or might not. I walked all over this morning so I'm taking an exercise break today.

Plans for the weekend are to go out to Long Island to spend time with my dad and my family, maybe go see a cheesy chick flick or two.

And hopefully get a phone call sometime soon. If not...c'est la vie.

But it would be nice.


  1. 7 pounds away - nice! Great work :)

  2. Thanks Shan! I really can hardly believe I'm thisclose!!