Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to normal

Today I finally feel a little better. I started off with 2 miles at the gym then a walk to work. It's blessedly cooler in the mornings these days. I can't even believe it's almost September.

I have a work lunch today - which probably means catered sandwiches and some sort of salad or pizza but we'll see.

Breakfast was the usual.

Again. Riveting.

I'm struggling right now with a bit of a dilemma. I am toying with putting off my next weigh in by almost 2 weeks. It's a partially financial decision, partially psychological. I'm tired of 1 lb losses. I'd love to see a 2 or 3 or let's get greedy and say 5 lb difference on the scale. At the rate I am going right now it'll take 28 weeks to get to my goal weight. That's almost a half a year. Slow and steady wins the race but I somehow think I need to challenge myself a bit to get these last pounds off.

If I save my weigh in till 2 paychecks from now I can take more Zumba, eat better and train for the 5K. If I pay to weigh in I'll be stressed and struggling.

I think I just made my decision for myself.

Also my next weigh in is scheduled for my birthday. I'm not scared of a gain but really who wants to weigh in on their birthday???

It may backfire but we'll see if this works.

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