Friday, August 7, 2009

Better late than never!

Sorry for the delay today. I was really tired last night and slept soundly until nearly 7 AM (this doesn't happen often). I had to leave by 8:45 so after lounging for a little bit I was sort of rushed getting out the door.

Besides - I didn't eat breakfast at home anyway. I picked this up on the way to my company outing.

Egg McMuffin and a large Diet Coke. I made sure not to even get the hashbrown.

Today's outing celebrated people who got promoted (not me!) We had a guest speaker, Capt. Sully Sullenberger, the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson River. He was terrific. Very inspiring.

After we had a party!

There were about 3000 people there.

I started with a glass of wine. Because when your company serves you wine in the afternoon...


(full disclosure - I had two!)

They had hot dogs, burgers and fried chicken. I was going to get a regular burger but then I saw they had black bean burgers and I took one of those instead.

It was pretty good all things considered. I added some red onion and lettuce and a slice of swiss cheese. I had some over dressed salad on the side (I didn't finish it) and a little bit of pasta salad.

And an ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Since my pedometer says I've walked over 7 miles again today I think it's OK to have indulged a little.

Dinner is going to be light considering what I've already eaten today. I'm trying to decide if I want to do the 30 Day Shred or just go for a quick run at the gym. It will definitely be one or the other.

I'm going to a barbecue tomorrow and will be back after I make some potato salad and something yummy for dessert.

Hope you're having a lovely Friday!


  1. Everyone I know is suddenly talking about this shred!!! What is it????

  2. jocie - it's a Jillian Michael's video. It's 3 levels of a cardio/strength training workout set in 20 min segments. It's interval training. Cardio, strength, abs, repeated 3x per segment. It's great if you are in a time crunch but still want a pretty intense workout.

    I actually got into my pjs soon after I posted that so...don't think I'll do it tonight. Maybe in the morning!