Friday, August 28, 2009

Recap (and recovery)

I am not exactly sure how I manage to log onto my computer and post after I've been out in the evening. It's quite a phenomenon. I do it all the time!!

Anyway - last night was fun and (mostly) free!

I started at Naples in Grand Central for some wine and some FREE pizza! They always serve it at happy hour. This is how I afford to live and go out in NYC. ;)

Then we headed off to the subway to trek out to LIC. We went to an event at Studio Square.

Here's the spread:

My plate:

Puff pastry pizza, Peking duck, shrimp dumpling, lobster crabcake w/avocado

And a pumpkin seed crusted scallop - so good!

Our little corner:

The bar. They had red sangria on tap!

The band: This event was to showcase the space but also a bit of a wedding expo. Some of my friends are closer to getting married than me but it was a good event regardless. And the band was amazing. They played everything from Frank Sinatra to Beyonce equally well.

Dessert. This was for the group. The small chocolate square was the most amazing chocolate peanut butter thing ever. I ate that + a truffle and a bite of the chocolate covered cheesecake.

All and all it was a great night.

And I'm not even hung over today. BONUS!!

Breakfast today was a repeat from yesterday and no exercise so far. It's rainy and miserable today.

For some odd reason today I'm having a craving for Chipotle. I think I might make a homemade version of a burrito bowl tonight. We shall see.

Back in a bit!!

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