Thursday, August 27, 2009

I shouldn't even be posting....

This is me.

I went here.

I drank this.

More details tomorrow.


  1. You look great! Your "after" of the before/after no longer does you justice. WOW!

    And you know how I'm always behind the times? I just noticed that little "follow" option and added myself. The picture I tried to add showed more of cartoon me, but that was the best I could do without my nerd herder by my side. Hope the big face doesn't bother you.

    Anyway, you look fan-tab-u-lous. :)

  2. Thanks!! Even with the highlights in DIRE need of a touch up and the dark circles under my eyes?

    Hee! The cartoon is cute! Thanks for following.

    And really. Thank you. I really could not have done all this without the support of others - so it really means a lot. *hugs*